Jonathan Gensler of Revive Energy LLC of Nashville, TN

Why would you like to attend 2019 RESNET Building Performance Conference?

As a new member of RESNET, and having held my HERS Rater certification for less than a year, I want to dive in and be a part of the growth and transition of the rating and certifications industry from a regional and niche requirement into a baseline expectation of every American, and help shape the future of this great industry. I chose this field deliberately after a 5 years as an Army officer and about a decade working in related energy fields, seeing the potential for demand and the real world need for what we can do with HERS Ratings.

I am well aware that I am not yet the expert I aspire to be, and I am certain that attending and participating in the conference will elevate my technical know-how, and allow me to leverage the national network of existing expertise as we carve out our own growing niche, first in Tennessee, and then throughout the Southeast.

Xavier Walter of Energy Efficient West Virginia

Xavier WalterWhat do you hope will be your areas of professional advancement over the next five years?

I look to continue serving the Appalachian region and further promote code compliance and enforcement, increased HERS rating inspections, and market education around residential energy efficiency. It is vital to continue ongoing training programs specifically in rural communities that support increased jobs in the energy efficiency market. We work at the local and state government level to advocate for policy that is favorable to our industry.

We will continue our relationship with the statewide utility company programs to increase energy efficiency spending on new construction rebates and incentives for HERS rated homes, and increased awareness for the building community working with the State Home Builders Association, WV Office of Energy, among others. Some of our goals include increased utility spending on efficiency programs, 2015 IECC adoption by 2020, and documented job creation through comprehensive training.

Elizabeth Sanfelippo of Eco Three, LLC in Vestavia, AL

Elizabeth SanfelippoHow do you think you will have the most impact in your chosen field?

I hope to have a lasting impact by continuing to help grow the company and further expand the general public’s knowledge of our services and energy efficiency in building.  I am currently working on completing 62 HERS ratings on homes in a recently completed solar powered development. We worked closely with the local power company to inspect and improve insulation and air sealing techniques as well as duct system installation and sealing.  All of the homes score under 50 on the HERS Index.  Thatproject alone has given me the opportunity to work with and teach various subcontractors, tradespeople, and builders on better building techniques. 

I would love to continue this work and recruit more staff for our company to train as Energy Auditors, Infiltration and Duct Leakage Professionals, and HERS raters.  I also feel that as a woman in a male-dominated industry I have a different and valuable perspective and approach when it comes to identifying and solving issues.

RESNET Conference 2019